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FE-7210 Air Compression Foot & Calf massager


Model FE-7210

1.AIR MASSAGE STRESS RELIEVER - It has 3x3 airbags inside, so it can provide more massage methods to release stress, relief fatigue and pain for daily use and help for circulation improvement, swollen leg.
2.SELECTABLE MODES AND COMPRESSION INTENSITY - The controller has 3 Intensity Levels and 6 Modes selectable, you can choose a setting for an optimal relaxation experience.
3.ADJUSTABLE LEG WRAPS SIZE - The calf circumference of the leg wraps can be up to 21 inches. The 2 compression leg wraps are made of high grade finely sewn fabric.
4.2 Level of Heat Wamer for your body
5.Automatically shut-off after 20 minutes

MOQ 500pcs
Application health care, massager