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FE-4903 face beauty equipment Facial Beauty Therapy LED Light facial beauty mask



Model FE-4903

1. USB charge,250mah rechargeable baterry

2.Three-Color Photon Rejuvenating Mask: Through the nano-technology light-guide material, using the principle of bio-phototherapy, give the skin a gentle massage, so that the skin's metabolism is accelerated, making the skin translucent and lustrous.
3.LED Photon Mask Ejuvenation Instrument: Red light (630 - 650 nm), to promote vitality. Blue light(430 - 450 nm) to repair the skin. Yellow light (525 - 550 nm), smooth and tender skin, increase skin elasticity and increase skin firmness.
4.Easy To Operate: 20 minutes Automatic timing. Use after cleansing, 2-3 times a Week, every time 10-30 minutes, it is recommended to use with mask / essence, can be directly connected to mobile phone, tablet or charging treasure, you can use.
5.Maintain Persistence: 20-35 days of continuous use, to achieve the desired results,

MOQ 500pcs
Application health care, massager