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FE-4904 face beauty equipment Led Light Photon Facial Light Skin Rejuvenation Led Face Care Treatment



Model FE-4904

1.USB charge, Battery capacity: 2000mAh DC 5V 0.9A
2.Material:PET +ABS + Metal
3.Build-in 21 pcs beauty LED red light and 21pcs beauty LED blue light

4. 12 blue light beads & 10 red light beads work together
5.Light therapy-Blue(wavelength:415nm) & Red(wavelength:635nm) Light Energy:
Blue Light:Reduces inflammation and eliminates bacillus pimples
Red Light:reduces inflammation and increases cellular activity
6.Deliver whole face therapy and strong light energy
7.Chemical free and UV free, safe for all skin types
8.Exclusive rechargeable controller, LCD display,convenient to use, one model
9.Customize treating time according to your needs 5/10/15/30mins
10.Eye shield reduces the damage of light to the eyes

MOQ 500pcs
Application health care, massager