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FE-4905 face laser home beauty mask device.face machine beauty.face beauty massager.



Model FE-4905

1.USB charge, DC 5V 1A
2.Material: PET +ABS + Metal
3.Build-in 100 pcs beauty LED light

4.Quantity : 100 light beads
5.Customizable:Comes with 3 kinds of LED lights for 4 different modes:Red Light (620nm-630nm) Mode-Blue Light (440nm-450nm) Mode-Orange (600nm-610nm) Light Mode-3 Light Mode, to help solve different skin problems

6.Effective:Strong light energy delivers effective therapy effect
7. Easy:one-step full-face therapy, built-in 10mins automatic timer, easy to use
8. Safe:Chemical -free & UV-free, gentle enough for sensitive skin

9.Elegant:Simple and elegant apperance design, nice gift choice
10.Comfort: soft and skin-friendly silica gel eye mask is comfortable to wear, perfect isolation from light source
11.Freedom: portable power supply, computer, adaptor, etc

MOQ 1000pcs
Application health care, massager