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FE-4907 Manufacturer Wholesale 7 Color Led Photon Light Therapy Machines Home Use Face Facial Beauty Mask with Neck for Facial Skin Care



Model FE-4907

1.DC 12V 3A
2.Build-in 198 pcs beauty LED light

3.Seven different wavelengths of seven colors can solve a variety of skin problems:
4.BLUE Light,wavelength 470mm, has the effect of sterilization and antiphlogistic inhibition;
5.RED Light,wavelength 630mm, can improve cell activity, accelerate metabolism and promote the formation of collagen;
6.GREEN Light: wavelength 520mm, has the functions of neutralization, balance and stability;
7.YELLOW Light:wavelength 590mm,improve cellular oxygen exchange;
8.PURPLE Light:mix red light and blue light together, good for acne and acne marks;
9.Bluish green light:Step by step build up the power of the cell
10.White Light:Laser light,Breaks down color spots and improves fine lines and loose skin
11.With remote controller operation,
12.Adjustable timing setting(20-30mins)

MOQ 1000pcs
Application health care, massager