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FE-2110 Health Care Product Heated Air Traction Neck And Shoulder Ems Lumbar R Vertebra Cushion Massage Warm


1.DC power 12V, 2A
2.Timer: 10mins
3.Function: Airbag traction+ heat + EMS + Laser

4.Dynamic Up and down dynamic traction with 5cm-8cm,
5.Backward lifting correction -- for the correction of cervical spine physiological curvature straightening.
6.3 different Auto models can be choose.
7.Curvature correction can use indepently and adjust with 5 levels
8.Heat come from EMS pad part can use indepently with 5 levles
9.5 levels Infrared wave heat therapy can use indepently through a physiotherapy lamp with a wavelength of 625-630 nm to promote blood circulation.
10.Pulse massage ----TENS pulse principle with 3 modles & 15 levels intensities.